"Things men have made with wakened hands, and put soft life into Are awake through years with transfered touch and go on glowing For long years.
And for this reason, some old things are lovely
Warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them."

D. H. Lawrence

View of Pine and Juniper trees from our shop

Scott carving a 7ft mesquite log

Close up of carving

Scott carving a large clam shaped vessel, being careful to leave the bark in place

Apollo and Perseus. Our Great Dane brothers at 1 year old May 2014
RIP Apollo March 2016

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Scott & Stephanie reside in the beautiful Zuni Mountains in the northwestern part of  New Mexico. This area consists of many artists and individuals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get back to nature and the simple things in life. Being a very rural area, that is full of Native American history, it is peaceful and beautiful with mountain and mesa views, tall pines, pinon and Alligator Juniper trees and untouched wilderness for the wildlife to roam. We are lucky to call the elk, eagles and other abundant wildlife neighbors. Being surrounded by such magnificence is truly inspirational and provides us with the drive to create incredible works of art. However, our love of wood and wanting to create beautiful pieces for our customers is our greatest inspiration.

Scott started woodworking in high school in 1984, and was lucky enough to have a teacher who saw his potential and groomed it. After graduating in 1986 and marrying two years later, Scott worked with wood occasionally for the next 13 years. Finally one day after years of having a successful but very hectic and stressful healthfood business, we decided that we wanted to be able to create custom made furniture full time. In 2004, we decided to leave the heat and busy life of Phoenix and move to the cool, laidback mountains.  Both of us grew up in Roswell (alien town) and always loved the nearby mountains of Ruidoso, so it wasn't a hard choice. Then in February 2009 we were introduced to "Candy Kitchen", and fell in love with the area and have lived here since

After creating beautiful furniture for quite a few years, we then began creating carved sculptures from wood and stone . What started out to be a few simple bowls, has now turned into full on carved Sculptures. This is where Scotts artistic juices really flow and has become our main focus now.  The sculptures are made from local Alligator Juniper and other woods, such as walnut, cherry , mesquite, Ironwood and Alabaster Stone. Most of the Juniper trees are anywhere from 500 years old to over 1000 years old and are salvaged from "Forest and private owner Cleanup" in the surrounding mountains of NM. These rare trees only grow in the mountains of the 4 Corners region between 6300 and 7600 elevation. Each piece is carved out with a chainsaw and then various grinders. The piece then may have turquoise or other stones added to the natural cracks, then the long process of sanding is done and finally a finish is applied. Although both Scott and Stephanie have turned on a lathe, they find carving to be more unique and free flowing. They have also found that they enjoy the one of a kind carved creations more and made the switch to creating the sculptures full time. However, they do still make costum rocking chairs for their customers that request them. Stephanie has also dabbled in diffferent art forms.

Scott being mostly selftaught, had the pleasure of enhancing his craftsmanship of furniture making by receiving formal training from famous furniture makers, Sam Maloof and David Marks. The carved Sculptures were all learned by trial and error and many back breaking hours of honing the skill and finess of the chainsaw and grinders. He has refined and molded this "God Given" talent to make the incredible pieces that are showcased today on their website, at juried art shows, museum showings, high end galleries and private collections all over the world. We take pleasure in designing special pieces for our customers or to showcase at shows. Together we design and redesign an idea till it takes on a life of its own uniqueness and artistry. Taking these extra steps assures that each sculpture we create will last for generations to come.

On top of El Morro National Monument. Incredible view of our beautiful area.