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Carved from a very large Alligator Juniper Burl, this sculpture perches on a walnut with patina copper base. The burl was carved into this vase shape using a chainsaw first. Then Grinders finished off creating the large curves and bends to reveal the incredible burl within.
Dims 4ft Tall by 30" Diameter
Photo by  Rose Photography

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Tunnel Vision
This unique sculpture was carved from a block of Red Alabaster stone. First the tunnel was carved out and then the outer design and the four feet. Bubinga wood was attached to the outer rim and feet. A close up shot shows the brass rods used to secure the wood into the stone.
Dims 20" T x 20" L x 16" W
Photo by Ron Kirk

This Canyon shaped sculpture was carved from a large Mesquite log. Gentle curves were created where the top of the piece comes together, giving it a pod look. Pictured it stands on a stone base. .
Dims of sculpture alone 32" T x 26" W
Photo by Tim Wampler

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All these Sculptures are "One of a Kind". The process and mother nature make duplication impossible. We can try and come close to a design shape, but there will be variations on how the wood carves and in the figure and color of the wood. Each Sculpture is first carved with a chainsaw to remove a bulk of the material and start the shaping. And depending on how it carves, can take on a completely different shape then what we first start out trying to create. Then various grinders are used to do the rest of the shaping and smoothing. We then can either add turquoise, gems or stones or just leave the natural cracks and voids alone. Some of the Sculptures we create have intricate wave patterns or folds carved into the piece or tunnels. These techniques takes some finesse and control and is a learning process on each individual piece. When you inquire, we can email you photos of what we have in stock, or let you know what types of woods we have available and their sizes. Most of the woods we use are "Forest Reclaimed" woods, such as Alligator Juniper that only grow in the mountains of NM, CO & AZ between 6300 and 7600 elevation. When the forest or private land is cleaned up to help prevent forest fires and improve the watershed, the wood, which would normally be used for firewood or thrown in landfills, is utilized by us to make beautiful creations. Most of the Juniper trees are anywhere from 300 to over 1000 years old and therefore have incredible figure. Some pieces are created from Juniper Burls, which are caused from either an injury to the tree or a disease. The burls usually occur on the base of the trunk, sometimes under the ground, but can happen on the trunk and limbs. Juniper Burls are extremely hard to find and their shapes and sizes vary greatly. Therefore making them very highly prized. We like using old growth Juniper due to it's beauty and uniqueness. Other woods we use are mesquite, walnut, box elder burl, ironwood and more. If time is not a factor, we can look for the right piece of wood and create your vessel or sculpture just for you. Contact us to make your special creation. These pieces make a great addition for any art collectors home, office or lodge.
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Carved from a Mesquite log. This sculpture features twists, curves and see thru sections. The base is the same log left in its natural state.
Dims 6ft T x 12" Diameter
Photo by Ron Kirk

This beauty was carved from Box Elder Burl. It has five cup shapes carved into it's vase shape, leaving the natural cracks and void in place.
Dims 16"Diameter x 18"T
Photo by Ron Kirk

7ft Sculpture carved from a Mesquite log using a chainsaw. Each large  wavy lobe was carefully carved out of the log, along with the pass thru in the middle. Small openings were carved out in various areas to allow sight through to the other side. It stands on an Aluminum pedestal.

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Professional photo by Ron Kirk


"Fantasy Flight"
Carved from a Mesquite log into this incredible sculpture.
26"L x 18"T x 8"D
Photo by Ron Kirk

The beginning carving of Fantasy Flight. Watch the entire process on video. Visit our home page and click on the YouTube Video.