Here is Buddy in his chair with Sampson. A little final sanding and applying the finish is all he has to do once home. Next time Buddy will learn how to make his own rocker.

We have decided after moving to such a beautiful area, that we want to offer more than just a class on how to build a rocking chair. We want to offer "WOODWORKING RETREATS". So we have changed our class perspectives, and classes and adjusted our class fees.

We want your experience to be more than collecting knowledge on how to make a piece of furniture, but a relaxing, fun get away to an incredibly beautiful area with lots to do. We reside in the Zuni mountains, where you can be surrounded by forests with abundant wildlife, incredible rock formations like El Morro National Monument, Native American Cultures, wide array of local artists, peace and tranquility. Get away from the stress of your everyday life and relax in our laid back rural atmosphere. Come take a 3-7 day class and stay longer to enjoy your surroundings.

Our classes are an intense few days, where you will walk away with enough knowledge to go home and create beautiful works of art on your own. We prefer to not sale plans or videos, but instead to give you hands on experience so that you know what is involved in making furniture and to pass on what we have learned being artists. Our classes go beyond the basics of furniture making, but teach you the more artistic elements of woodworking to make your work stand out amongst the rest. We show you how to carve and hand shape pieces, use unique joinery to show off your work and how to use your own ideas to make your work more artistic.

Come learn from us and make yourself a better artist and enjoy our beautiful surroundings during your stay. Our class schedule is very limited, due to our busy schedule, so call us to discuss dates that work for everyone. Lodging is also limited and books up long in advance, so make your reservations early. Or talk to us about other arrangements that we can assist you with. (Sorry we no longer include the cabin rental in our class price. Prices have been adjusted to reflect that). Should you wish to stay in our RV (26ft long with bedroom and living room slide out) please let us know and you are welcome to stay for a nominal fee. And Dogs are always welcome at our home, so if you don't want to leave your furry kid at home, they are welcome to tag or wag along with you .

Amenities and attractions
Nearby is the new Candy Kitchen Trading Post that has grocery, hardware and other supplies, along with pizza, subs and more.  Also close by  is the Wild Spirt Wolf Sanctuary where you can tour and learn about the wolves and wolf hybrids that call the sanctuary home and at night and in the mornings you can hear them sing from the cabin. The Zuni Reservation, well known for their turquoise jewelry and other artwork, is about 35 miles away. El Morro National Monument is about 15 miles and has many hiking trails to view the rock formations, cliff dwellings and more. Also close by is the Old School Gallery in El Morro, where local artists display their work. Across the street from there is Ancient Way Cafe/RV park and Inspiration Rock Coffee house and gifts. Between this area and Grants is The Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano, where you can explore a recent volcano and the ice caves it created. During the summer months the locals enjoy visiting with each other and buying produce and homemade items at the local Farmers Market in Ramah, each Saturday (June through October). There's lots to do up here and we hope by offering a "Woodworking Retreat" that we stand out from the rest and you want to come and enjoy your stay and walk away with a bit of knowledge as well. Below are links for the area. We have also put in detail what you will get from each class and the prices.  If you have any further questions or wish to schedule your class please contact us.

Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano
El Morro National Monument
Old School Gallery

Enchanted Ridge-Semiprecious gems and stones Jewelry and wood turnings

Our rocker class with Dr. Peck from VA had him doing router weightlifing. Here he is getting ready to router the back legs of the walnut rocker he's making for his first grandchild.
Here he is learning how to file shape the front of the seat. After this, he had a better understanding of the physical activity that is involved in creating these rockers.
Tom is starting the shaping of the front leg joints, using a grinder. Being careful to not hit the seat. It takes some effort and slow motions to do this.

Area photos

View from our shop
Only a few of the many hummingbirds that are here in summer.
Mesa view from ontop of El Morro National Monument
Local Links
Rocker is starting to come together. Here the spindles and headrest are being testfit.
Our first chair class went pretty good. Here Scott is showing our good friend and fellow turner Buddy how to grind the joints on a seat. Then Buddy takes over to get a feel for it.
Tom finally trying out his rocker with Sampson checking in on things. "Scott was a very good teacher", says Tom.
Along the Ancient Way-El Morro Valley
Great area photos
The rocker is complete and the grandbaby has arrived. Here is Tom and his first grandbaby. We here that Tom now has another grandbaby on the way and that he is making a rocker for his daughter and baby. Congrats Tom!

Candy Kitchen Trading Post
Groceries, hardware, plumbing, sandwiches, pizza and more.
Where the locals hang out and chew the fat.

"Woodworking Retreat"

ONE ON ONE Classic Rocker Building Class
This class is a one on one How to Build a Rocking chair, where you take home the rocker and finish it. This class allows you to have the one on one personal involvement in creating your own rocker, versus a class with several people in it. That way you can get the personal attention you need to be able to walk away and create a rocker on your own.  It is a Sam Maloof Inspired rocker but with our own design elements implemented. That way your rocker will be slightly different than all the others out there that are copying the Maloof style rocker. This 6 day class consists of you helping with the rocker building. You will learn how to cut out all the parts, glue up the seat and carve it, glue up the bentwood laminated runners, the cutting and shaping of the backrest and how to router, shape and sand different areas. Scott will show you how to shape the headrest, arms and joint area, for you to finish up at home. You will need to have some woodworking knowledge and be able to use a grinder for this class. Since a rocker is very involved, there is not enough time to completely assemble it. So at the end of the 6 days, you will take your rocker parts home, do the sanding, glue your rocker together in stages, shape and do the final sanding and finishing.  This will give you the ability to get your rocker home in pieces, to avoid any extra shipping costs and then finish it yourself.

With this class you will get templates of the piece you are making, along with jigs and we will take photos and load them onto a CD for you, with captions for future reference. You may also take your own photos and or video as you wish and take notes. We will provide your lunch, but you will be responsible for other meals, snacks, lodging and travel expenses.  We will have the wood you pick out and all materials on hand. If you wish to bring your own kiln dried wood, please inform us and we will adjust the price accordingly and let you know how much board feet to bring.  In addition Scott will talk about which glues work best for joints, how to lay out the grain for the most beautiful effect, finishing techniques and much more. Sorry no copying of other templates.  Be prepared for long intense days.

Due to time restraints, only minor changes can be made to the rocker, if so requested. Otherwise, the rocker will resemble the Maloof inspired rockers on our Rocker Page .

The cost for the One on One 6 day Rocker building is $2900.00.
Mesquite, exotic and burl woods will be an additional charge.

We require a deposit of $1450.00 to reserve your personal class and order your requested wood and materials, with the balance being due the first day of the class.

If you wish to have us complete your rocker for you and ship/deliver, there will be an extra charge for this. Please contact us to discuss.

We offer half off the second persons class price, if you want to bring your buddy or spouse with you. This discount includes lunch for both. A deposit of half for the second person is due when scheduling and the balance will be due the first day of the class.

If you need us to pick you up at the airport and drive you back and forth to the cabin, during your class, we charge an additional $100.00 on top of the class prices.

We ask that you bring ear protection and your own safety goggles, gloves and good shoes for long hours of standing. We suggest that you wear long sleeves and pants for the one on one classes. You will be opperating some machinery, except the table saw, so some experience is required for the one on one classes. However, the group seminars just require some knowledge of woodworking.


We do not offer refunds on a class/seminar. If for some reason you can not make it to that class we will schedule you for another one.

We accept visa, mastercard, checks or cashiers checks for payment. You will be required to sign a liability waiver the first day of class.


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Wolves and Wolf Dog rescue. Take a tour and see the wolves, gift shop and special events