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There are many benefits to rocking in a rocking chair. Be it to relax the lower back after a long day, to calm a crying infant or to nurse a baby. Rocking is a favorite pastime. So why not buy a rocking chair that is not only comfortable but an artistic and an heirloom piece as well.
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Professional pictures by Richard T. Bryant
George Post

Close up photos of the purple heart inlayed around the joints, in the runners and used for plugs. This technique really shows off the unique strong joints used in our rockers.

Handshaping of our arms is very comfortable no matter where you set your arms on it.

Wrapped joint technique using contrasting woods.

Carved Dog Ears add a unique element to the headrest

Rocking chair made from Cherry Burl
This finely handcrafted Cherry Burl rocker was incredible. Cherry burl is used on the carved seat, arms and headrest. Maple is incorporated on the lumbar support (which we perfected for even greater comfort) and inlayed in the runner as well as for the plugs. We also incorporated Cherry on the rest of the rocker. This one of a kind rocker is a true work of art and sure to stand out in any setting. Due to the rariety of cherry burl, we may have to substitute for Redwood burl, if not available. The color is slightly darker but close in nature.

Burl and Exotic Wood Rockers
We can make all our rocker designs out of burl and exotic woods. Each one is a true one of a kind, since the wood varies in color and detail so greatly. A rocker can have just hints of burl or exotic woods in it or consist mostly of those woods. If you wish to see more photos that are not on this site, please notifiy us and we will be happy to email you more detailed shots and pictures of other pieces that are not on here.

Custom Made Rocker made from Black Walnut w/African Purple Heart.
Wrapped Joint technique
This rocker not only features the gorgeous purple heart on the lumbar support, but also inlayed in the runners and around the joints. See the close ups below. This technique of inlaying a contrasting wood around the joints is quite difficult and time consuming. But as you can see is spectacular and really adds to the uniqueness of this heirloom rocker.

ROCKING CHAIR made from Black Walnut with Curly Cherry
Wrapped Joint Technique
This gorgeous rocker was a commission from a fellow woodworker friend. We changed the design some, as can be seen from the front shot, to make the rocker roomier at the leg area. The Old Growth Black Walnut came from the Ruidoso NM area and had incredible figure with some burling in it. The Curly Cherry was used for the spindles, inlayed into the runners and wrapped around the joints. It was a beautiful contrast with the dark of the walnut and turned out to be one of the prettiest rockers we have made. The joint wrapping technique is a time consuming process where a contrasting wood is used in the joint area and then shaped to blend together. It is a beautiful way to show off the unique joinery.

Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker
Made from Black Walnut and Mesquite this rocker is our newest design, featuring bentwood lamination. The walnut legs were bent in a form for a week each. The mesquite arms were bent in a separate form ontop of the legs. The back lumbar supports were bentwood laminations formed to fit the curve of your back and mold to your body, with a slight flexing to them. The mesquite carved seat was made to float over the back of the legs and has a very strong joint where it meats the legs. The headrest was also made from mesquite. The combination of the walnut and mesquite was a beautiful blend. This rocker is like nothing out there in artistic beauty and comfort. This style can be made out of most woods. 

These photos do not do this rocker justice. The figure throughout this black walnut rocker was incredible. The headrest was bookmatched to show the figure. Splines were added to connect each piece and show off the joinery.

Shangrila II Rocker made from Bubinga
This beautiful photo was taken out at our place by Photographer Brian Leddy. He came to do a photo shoot for New Mexico Magazine. The rocker sold soon after and we are glad to have this photo. This style of rocker really showed off the beautiful grain of the Bugina wood. Being an exotic wood, Bubinga has some incredible figure to it, as you can see in the headrest. This is one of my favorite woods.

This new Bentwood rocker is made from Cherry and Ash. The color contrast really stands out in this rocker. The Ash was used for the two bentwood legs and the back of the bentwood slats. Cherry was layed ontop of the upper part of the legs and the slats. Cherry was also used for the seat and headrest.

Professional photo by George Post

Call for prices on all rockers. Prices vary depending on wood choice and rocker style. There is a premium for Mesquite, exotic and burl woods.

Our newest rocker is a take on the original Shangrila Rocker with all the same artistic features but with a different back style. The back is flexible slats that are made from bentwood laminations. Each one consists of four laminations that are bent in a form and are angled just right into the headrest and seat to fit your back perfectly. They are floating in the joints, so that they are allowed to pivot and move as you rock. This also ensures that they will not break under the pressure.

The rocker pictured is made from highly figured Oregon Black Walnut, but can be made from most woods. We guarantee this will be the most comfortable rocker you will ever own.

Visit our blog to see more photos of this newest design featuring flexible back slats and the building process.

This beauty has been a long time coming. We have been wanting to create a rocker from curly maple and it finally has been completed. It is such a contrast to the darker woods we usually work with and is a real standout, going with either light or dark woods. The close up of the headrest shows the incredible figure in the curly maple. Ebony was used for accents, inlayed into the runners and for plugs. And the color contrast is incredible. This is Scott's favorite rocker and just might stay ours.

Professional photos by George Post