New Pieces

Stephanie sanding Blue Moon outdoor sculpture

"Blue Moon" is our first outdoor sculpture. It's carved from our local mountain Juniper, which is a good outdoor wood. Scott carved and shaped it, being careful to leave some of the natural elements in tact. He carved several see thru areas, along with adding some texturing that he then burnt. It has a large gazing ball that reflects the surroundings around it and a bright blue ball. It stands about 7ft tall on a pressure treated wood base. The base has metal feet that swivel outwards allowing it to be staked into the ground.

We have plans to do several more outdoor sculptures that will be shown off in the outdoor sculpture garden at the Arizona Fine Art Expo this next January thru March. These pieces will vary in size, height and shaping. Along with the embellishments that we add to them. Keep checking on our website to see when we post them or sign up to our Instagram to get more up to date info on them.

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