Custom Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs have long been a favorite pass time. They relax not only your body but mind and spirit with their gentle motion. No more is a rocker just for your retired years. Mothers know that rocking their newborns, eases them to sleep and anyone with aches and pains, knows that settling down with your favorite book is even better in a rocking chair.

Our Custom Made Rockers are sized and shaped to fit the individual. They feature many hours of hand shaping with files and rasps, not only for beauty but comfort. Scott received some formal training with famous furniture maker Sam Maloof. He built on this experience to create his own unique look and style. Our hand crafted rockers are meant to be a main focal point in the home. That is why many customers choose woods that are highly figured and/or a unique wood. Below are just a few of these wood choices out of the two styles that we continue to make.


Shangrila II Rocker features lots of hand shaping, a more curved back and front leg, and flexible slats that move slightly while you rock. The arms are slender and curve down from the back leg and blend into the front leg. All this extra hand shaping is very labor intensive, but makes this rocker style more artistic. This style starts at $6200.00, depending on wood choice

Bubinga Rocker

Tiger Maple with Ebony Rocker

Highly Figured Black Walnut

Our take on the Maloof style rockers, like the one above, has more hand shaping and sculpting than his style, making it even more comfortable and uniquely our own.  This rocker differs from our Shangrila II rocker, in that it doesn't have the extra curved back and front legs or the sweeping arms. It has fixed slats and can have the wider flat arms or a narrower arm. The rocker above was made from Black Walnut with Curly Cherry for  backrest, inlaid into the runners, plugs and a special wrapped joint technique. This rocker style starts at $5600.00 depending on wood choice and if you want the wrapped joints.

Black Walnut rocker with wrapped joints out of curly cherry

Walnut rocker has the wrapped joint technique using Purple Heart

Walnut with Purple Heart Rocker is an incredible contrast



We also create custom Desk chairs out of select woods. Each one is similar to the rockers, in that they have all the hand shaping and custom fitting. They now come with a five wheel base that adjusts, tilts and swivels. Prices start at $4800.00 depending on wood. Call or email for more info.

Curly Cherry Desk chair with the wide flat arms and regular dog ears.

Walnut Desk chair with slender arms and short dog ears