African Theme Rocking Chair

This African Theme Rocker was recently made for a big collector of ours. In the background you can see a past table and chairs made from mesquite. When she saw the rocker we made for my father last year, she just had to have one herself. In that same year she took a trip to Tanzania and so did we. She loved the idea that the rocker was made from African woods Black Limba and Wenge to remind her of the fabulous trip she made. This rocker was the Maloof Style with the wide flat arms, fixed back slats and straighter front and back legs. Wenge was used for the back slats, inlaid into the runners and used for plugs. We made this style rocker along with our Shangrila II rocker out of most woods. Please see our Rocking Chair page for more information.

Wenge inlaid into the runners adds a beautiful contrast.

Glue up of one runner in a special bending form

Shaping the arms on the bandsaw before using the grinder

Sanding the spindles and runners before assembly

Showing a neighbor the process of making a rocker. Here the arms are being testfit

Scott shaping the joints together with a grinder before using the hand files

Closeup of the gorgeous figure in this wood.

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