Carved Sculptures

Black and White photo by Atalanta Kirk

Carving a large Box Elder Burl into a Canyon shape


Carving a 7ft tall Mesquite log, weighing approx 1000 lbs
Sanding a tall floor sculpture
Each Chainsaw carved sculpture starts off in the log/burl form. The chainsaw is first used to remove a bulk of the wood and start the design. Being careful to create tunnels, waves, folds and other unique shapes out of the wood. Then various powered carving tools and sanding disks are used to finish up the design and smooth it out before the many hours of sanding and finishing begins. Each piece takes on a life of its own during this whole process. Although an idea takes shape in Scott's mind, sometimes the wood dictates what is going to happen during the carving process. No two are alike, making them a true "One of a Kind" collectors piece. To see available sculptures visit our "Available Products" page.

"Canyon Arches" carved from Alligator Juniper with Turquoise inlay

"Inspiration" carved from Desert Ironwood


"Enchantment" Alligator Juniper Burl 

RIBBON DANCER-6ft tall floor sculpture carved from Juniper wood.

"Ribbon Dancer" 6ft tall floor Sculpture carved from Alligator Juniper

"THREES COMPANY" carved from an approximate 1100 year old Alligator Juniper tree, this 3 piece wall sculpture has waves and folds carved out, giving them depth and showing off the beauty of this ancient wood.

"The Dance" carved from a large Mesquite Log into this twisting design with see thru passages. It turns on a pin on the natural mesquite log base

"Night Out" carved from Desert Ironwood with Opal and multi stone inlay

"Surprise Sensation" carved from Cherry into this wavy canyon shape. This piece was accepted into the Contemporary Crafts - Mesa Contemporary Museum special exhibit

"Cinco" carved from Box Elder Burl

"All Shook Up" Carved from Alligator Juniper Burl

"Earths Treasures"
Wall Sculpture carved from several Juniper logs into this unique design.

Carving "Phoenix"

"Phoenix" Alligator Juniper Burl

"Shake Rattle and Roll" Alligator Juniper Burl with Turquoise inlay

"New Beginnings" Mesquite Burl


"LOVING EMBRACE" 7ft tall double ribbon sculpture carved from Acacia wood with copper patina applied

"Nestled" Mesquite and Ironwood bowls carved to nestle into each other, with multi stone inlay and gold leaf balls



"Twister" a 5ft Sculpture carved from an approximately 1000 year old Alligator Juniper tree. Turquoise and Abalone shell were inlaid into the natural cracks and voids and it stands on a Redwood Burl base.